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ASAP2Library - Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ASAP2Library available for free?


Is the ASAP2Library available as source code?

The ASAP2Library is exclusively available as source code.
Request order and license information.

What are the runtime requirements for the ASAP2Library?

At least .NET Framework 4.0, an alternative is the mono framework if you plan to build applications for non-Windows environments such as Linux or MacOS.
The ASAP2 parser source code is fully compatible with the mono framework and may be compiled for or used in compiled form with the mono framework (without any modifications on source or object code).

In which language the ASAP2Library is written?

The source code is written exclusively in C# and may be compiled as .NET Framework 4.0 assembly. Therefore the ASAP2Library is accessible from any language the .NET Framework is supporting (C#, F#, VB.NET, managed C++,...)

What is the recommended toolchain to develop applications based on the ASAP2Library?

  1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2015/2017 (the Community version is sufficient)
  2. NUnit for unit tests
  3. log4net for tracing

What are the contents of the ASAP2Library?

The source code gets delivered as a ready-to-build Visual Studio Solution containing:

  1. The ASAP2Library assembly itself
  2. The ECU Simulator console application
  3. A Unit test project demonstrating fitness and functionality of the library
  4. Example projects demonstrating the ASAP2 parser API (known from this website)
  5. A windows help file describing the ASAP2 parser API (known from the website)

see detailed contents of the solution here