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ASAP2Demo feature licensing

The ASAP2Demo application uses the ASAP2Library and may be used as a test environment for your own ASAP2 data and ECUs.

The following is under development and will be released soon!

ASAP2Demo offers to license additional features, too.

License basics:

Licensable features:

Feature Description
Modify Axis values Allows to modify axis value of A2L MAPs/CURVEs.
One or more axis values of a single A2L curve or map could be modified together with graphical support.
Record unlimited MDF files Enables the unlimited recording of CCP, XCP measurement data into an MDF file.
This feature is also available in the free ASAP demo with a 30-second limitation.
Synchronize an A2L from an ELF file This feature is available through the user interface or the command line. From the command line this ASAP2Demo feature can be integrated into a batch process. The command line options can be printed typingASAP2Demo -? in a console window.

Requesting a feature license

  1. Start ASAP2Demo on the machine you want to request a license
  2. Follow the 'Request' link on the main page or open the application options (F8)
  3. Select 'Licensing' from the tree view
  4. Select the features you want to license
  5. Type in your email address
  6. Send the license using one of the license request options.
    If the target machine doesn't have internet access, store the license request into a file (using Option 3) and forward from any other machine to