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TraceListener - A log4x and syslog client

TraceListener is a Logging Services tool which is able to display emitted or file based LoggingEvents of log4xxx enabled applications. Logging Services are available with the following languages:

  • .NET/C#/VB/J# (Log4Net)
  • Java (Log4j
  • C++ (Log4Cxx)
  • C++ (Log4CPlus)
  • Perl (Log4Perl)
  • PHP (Log4PHP)
  • PLSQL/Oracle Database logging (Log4PLSQL)

Basically any application type supported by the .NET Framework, Java or native C/C++ is able to trace and log through Logging Services. The following (incomplete) list shows some examples:

  • Windows Applications
  • Windows Services
  • ASP.NET WebServices
  • ASP.NET WebApplications
  • Smart Device Applications
  • Class Libraries

Additionally, TraceListener supports a syslog receiver (Syslog is a standard for logging program messages). TraceListener is able to display and record emitted messages from systems supporting the syslog standard.


  • MDI Application able to listen on tcp or udp ports for incoming LoggingEvents
  • Load/Save and Receive LoggingEvents simultaneously from multiple sources
  • Drag&Drop support for viewing log files
  • Detailed view per LoggingEvent
  • Memory usage independent of log file size
  • persistent application settings per user
  • full text search capability
  • English and German user interface localization
  • Extended filter possibilities (e.g. filter by thread)

Steps to enable your application to use logging services: