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ASAP2Library module licensing

The ASAP2Library is exclusively available as source code and consists of 8 modules:

in Interface Documentation
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1ASAP2 Readerjnsoft.ASAP2Parse any A2L File and create the object model.
Implements the complete ASAM MCD-2MC Version 1.7.0 specification.
2ASAP2 Writerjnsoft.ASAP2
Writes the (modified) object model created from Module 1 as
A2L or
XML file.
Module 1
3ASAP2 Valuesjnsoft.ASAP2.ValuesRead and Write of Intel Hex/Motorola S, INCA DCM, CDF and MATLAB-m files.
Conversion from the file contents into physical values and back into the specific file format.
Module 1
4ASAP2 Commjnsoft.Comm
Provides implementations for communicating with ECUs over XCP/CCP/CAN.
Supports the XCPonEthernet (UDP/TCP), XCPonCAN and CCP protocols.
Implements an ECU Simulator.
Implements ASAM MCD-1 XCP V1.3.0 und ASAM MCD-1 CCP V2.1.
Module 1
5ASAP2 DBCjnsoft.DBCReads and Writes from/to the Vector CANDb++ (DBC) file format.
Computes signal values from CAN frames.
Module 1
Module 4
6ASAP2 MDFjnsoft.MDFImplements a module to read MDF formats up to v4.1.1 and write MDF
format v3.3 and MDF V4.1.1 (Measurement data format) files.
Provides methods to write and access measured Data.
Module 1
7ASAP2 Diagnosejnsoft.Diagnose
Implements the ISO 14229 (Unified Diagnostic Service, UDS) protocol
Implements a module to read, modify and write ODX(Open Diagnostic
data eXchange format, ASAM MCD-2D v2.0.1-v2.2.0) files.
Module 1
Module 4
8ASAP2 ELFjnsoft.ELFImplements a module to read ELF (Excecutable and Linkable Format) files.
The module is able to update A2L addresses from ELF file symbols
Module 1
Module 2


Future source code updates to already payed modules are free of charge.

Runtime conditions:

At least .NET Framework 4.0, as an alternative the MONO Framework if you plan to release in non-Windows Environments (e.g. Linux or MACOSX). All Modules are compatible with the MONO Framework and may be compiled with MONO or used with MONO in binary form (without changes in source- or binary code).

Recommended Developer-Toolchain:

Delivery contents:

The ASAP2Library is exclusively implemented in C# and may be compiled as .NET Framework 4.0/4.5 Assembly. The ASAP2Library may be used with any .NET Framework supported programming language (C#, F#, VB.NET, managed C++, …).

Provided will be a Microsoft VisualStudio 2015 Solution including the following projects:

  1. Hardware bindings for various manufacturers (content of Module 4)
  2. Example applications demonstrating the ASAP2Library API (depending on Modules)
  3. The ASAP2Library project (Module 1-8)
  4. A unit test assembly, validating the modules functionality (all modules)
  5. the ECUSimulator (content of Module 4)
  6. A windows-help file, describing the complete API (knownfrom the website, content of Module 1)
The ASAP2Demo application uses the ASAP2Library and may be used as a test environment for your own ASAP2 data and ECUs.