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ASAP2Library module licensing

The ASAP2Library is exclusively available as source code and consists of 8 modules:

to modules
1Readerjnsoft.ASAP2Parse any A2L File and create an object model.
Implements the ASAM MCD-2MC Version 1.7.1 specification.
Writes the (modified) object model created from Module 1 as
A2L or
XML file.
Module 1
3Valuesjnsoft.ASAP2.ValuesRead and Write of Intel Hex/Motorola S, INCA DCM, CANape PAR, CDF and MATLAB-m files.
Conversion from the file contents into physical values and back into the specific file format.
Module 1
Provides implementations for communicating with ECUs over XCP, CCP, CAN and LIN.
LIN supporting IXXAT, Kvaser, Peak hardware.
CAN supporting IXXAT, Kvaser, Peak, Vector,... hardware.
ASAM MCD-1 XCP V1.3.0 protocol stack (Ethernet/CAN).
ASAM MCD-1 CCP V2.1 protocol stack.
ECU Simulator supporting XCP, CCP and UDS protocols.
Module 1

Reads and Writes from/to the Vector CANDb++ (DBC) file format.
Computes signal values from CAN frames.
Reads and Writes from/to Vector BLF file format
Module 4
6MDFjnsoft.MDFImplements a module to read MDF formats up to v4.1.1 and write MDF
format v3.3 and MDF V4.1.1 (Measurement data format) files.
Provides methods to write and access measured Data.
Module 1
Implements the ISO 14229 (Unified Diagnostic Service, UDS) protocol.
Implements the ISO 13400-2 (DoIP) protocol.
Implements a module to read, modify and write ODX(Open Diagnostic
data eXchange format, ASAM MCD-2D v2.0.1-v2.2.0) files.
Module 1
Module 4
8Symbolsjnsoft.SymbolsImplements a module to read ELF (Excecutable and Linkable Format) and MAP files.
The module is able to update A2L addresses from ELF/DWARF or MAP file symbols
Module 1
Module 2


Future source code updates to already payed modules are free of charge.

Runtime Requirement:

At least .NET Framework 4.x or .NET if the Library should be used in a non-Windows environment (e.g. Linux or MACOSX), too.

Recommended Developer-Toolchain:

Delivery contents:

The ASAP2Library is exclusively implemented in C# and may be compiled as .NET Framework 4.x or .NET Assembly. The ASAP2Library may be used with any .NET supported programming language (C#, F#, VB.NET, managed C++, …).

Provided will be a Microsoft VisualStudio Solution including the following projects:

  1. Hardware bindings for various manufacturers (content of Module 4)
  2. Example applications demonstrating the ASAP2Library API (depending on Modules)
  3. The ASAP2Library project (Module 1-8)
  4. A unit test assembly, validating the modules functionality (all modules)
  5. the ECUSimulator (content of Module 4)
  6. A windows-help file, describing the complete API (knownfrom the website, content of Module 1)

The ASAP2Demo application uses the ASAP2Library and may be used as a test environment for your own ASAP2 data and ECUs.